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Real Madrid Next, innovation and future for Real Madrid

In an environment of continuous transformation in which technological advances are decisive, Real Madrid wants to collaborate in the investigation and implementation of innovative ideas that facilitate the transformation of society through sport.

Since its inception, Real Madrid has incorporated into its identity an innovative spirit and the search for quality in all its fields of action.
The creation of Real Madrid Next, the club's commitment to excellence in all its operational areas, comes as a result of our desire to be at the forefront of the game on and off the pitch.
Under this new brand identity, Real Madrid will carry out unique technological innovation projects that aim to generate an ecosystem that fosters the improvement and advancement of the sports industry as a whole.

Real Madrid Next will focus on generating synergies with startups and leading companies in its sector by providing resources and sharing its knowledge in all aspects related to sports.
Our goal is to actively participate in the development of disruptive solutions that lay the foundations for the future of sport and its impact on society. With this in mind, Real Madrid Next will focus on six areas of work: e-health, performance, fan engagement, audiovisual content, cybersecurity and technology, and the social field under the premise of working on each one in the generation of its own exclusive processes and tools, adapted to the club's situation. We will seek to further enhance the results of all the areas that make up Real Madrid and, in particular, the area of sports, digital transformation and the globalisation of the entire organisation.


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We seek to achieve excellence and the greatest possible technological progress which allow us to create original, exclusive tools adapted to our way of working. We want to contribute to transforming society through the world of sport.

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