In football and safety we share one goal: to defend ourselves

New tools to protect online data, prevent loss of information, ensure access to the stadium and control its flows.

Technology facilitates communications, actions and business processes and cybersecurity helps prevent attacks and damage to it.
Technology is now essential in all areas. We live immersed in a digital age in which numerous technological tools have changed the way in which different sectors develop, including sport.
The digital transformation of processes has been transcendental in football.
Currently we have unique advances both in the physical preparation of the players, with software that allows us to collect physical data from each training session and passages of play, as well as in control and support for refereeing on the pitch.
Through Real Madrid Next, in order to successfully face the challenge of the club's digital transformation, we seek to implement disruptive tools with technologies that allow an improvement in the work and experience of the entire Real Madrid community.

 We work for communication security.

Technological advances entail a business effort in the development of cybersecurity services, in order to safeguard all confidential information and prevent attacks against the club's assets.
For this reason, we are committed to new intelligent security systems, both in terms of access to the stadium and in ticket sales, the use of blockchain technology and misuse of equipment licences, which is one of the club's priority objectives.
We aim to minimise vulnerabilities by promoting fair play, both on and off the pitch.