Innovation that helps improve the physical and mental abilities of athletes

Technological innovation to help improve the physical and mental abilities of athletes, influencing prevention, diagnosis and sports recovery.

Digital transformation is revolutionising the world as we know it. A clear example of this is the field of health and medicine where the application of these new technologies is increasingly present. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has also accelerated these processes.
The search for excellence leads us to incorporate technological advances that allow us to digitally monitor the comprehensive well-being of all the club's athletes.
We work daily on the application of methods that allow us to control the health of all male and female players more optimally through physical performance and recovery data and individual monitoring systems for each athlete. This ecosystem of data also allows us to anticipate possible injuries and work on the optimal physical and mental development of the athletes.

 The first team training at Real Madrid City.

Through Next E-Health we want to participate in the development of innovative projects that use new technologies to generate tools that improve prevention, diagnosis, treatment and control of patients in all areas.
Our goal is to share our knowledge and experience in this field and co-develop innovative ideas that add value to sports. Through the club we want to be the vector that connects leading companies in their sector and professionals of recognised prestige to launch initiatives that contribute to the advancement of society as a whole.
With the launch of professional events, Real Madrid intends to create a dialogue group with various experts in the E-Health world, with the aim of sharing our knowledge, methods and technologies to improve the health and performance of athletes.