We rely on technology to help athletes develop their true potential

Tools and methods to improve the ability to evaluate the performance of athletes from data and analysis.

Real Madrid pursues excellence in all its areas of activity, but especially on the pitch. Since the club's origins, helping our athletes to develop their capacities to the full has been established as a fundamental pillar of our DNA.
We are aware that in an increasingly competitive framework, support, in terms of tools and methods that improve sports performance, represents the differential value that allows us to continue leading in an environment of continuous transformation.
Technological advances allow us to have instruments with which we can evaluate and optimise performance, identify areas for improvement, define good practices and gain knowledge of strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to provide the technical teams with valid, accurate and reliable information on which to base decision-making.

 Asensio performs physical work in the swimming pool.

Obtaining an individualised analysis of the sporting activity of each player is key to reducing the risk of injuries and managing the return to training after a period out of action. For this reason, it is necessary to generate an ecosystem of data in order to have a global and cross-sectional vision that facilitates the implementation of the most appropriate actions in each circumstance.
Based on our experience in this field, we want to consolidate and develop our know-how by launching collaborative projects that allow the improvement of individual and group performance in sport, from an innovative approach.
Our goal is to remain at the forefront both on and off the pitch, collaborating with ideas and agents of change in the implementation of value-added proposals for sports practice as a whole.