Share your ideas and join the next stage

We seek excellence and the greatest possible technological development, which allow us to create our own, exclusive tools adapted to our way of working.

Sometimes the most difficult challenge for an innovative idea is to be able to carry it out. There are a lot of initial obstacles to overcome and it's necessary to have the support and guidance of a partner who is aligned with your objectives and vision.

At Real Madrid Next we believe in a strategy based on the creation of a collaborative ecosystem that generates disruptive solutions and value-added tools that help transform society through sport.
We want to share our resources and knowledge to drive a network of collective intelligence that implements creative solutions to current and future challenges in sport.

We aim to support entrepreneurial leaders who are capable of growing and developing their project within the high standards of quality and excellence that are part of our identity.

 Players of the Real Madrid women's team.

Join Real Madrid in developing innovative projects that will revolutionise the world of sport, taking it to the next level.
Advantages of working with RM Next
How you will benefit as a Real Madrid collaborator:

  • More support: you will receive support and will benefit from the knowledge and previous experience of a world leading club in innovation.
  • More visibility: you will benefit from the traction that Real Madrid can offer and from the drive that we can give to your project
  • More resources: you will be regarded as a partner and will have access to resources that will help you to achieve your objectives

Accept the challenge, tell us about your project and pave the way for a new era.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Fill out the contact form and tell us about your project now. Next will study it, and if it fits our areas of interest and the reality of the club you will become part of the ecosystem of startups that we put in place. We will make your proposal a reality.

  • Next focuses on six areas: e-health, fan engagement, cybersecurity, audiovisual, social and performance and our objective is to develop our own exclusive tools tailored to the reality of the club. If your project falls within any of these areas and meets our standards of quality and excellence, congratulations, we will open the door of Next for you.

  • Of course you can, send us your innovative idea, we can provide our knowledge and previous experience and together we will develop the best possible solution.

  • Yes, and you will also have access to the club's exclusive graphic resources.