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Immersive technology that will change the way to reach the fans

Innovative content to improve the audiovisual experience with immersive technologies and new multimedia channels.

Real Madrid is one of the most supported club's around the world. This popularity has given us a solid base of fans who are interested in the club's daily news. Thanks to technology and the continuous advances, we can offer all these fans content adjusted to their expectations and interests.

We are living in the age of technology, we are more connected than ever, and this helps us innovate in many aspects. Our way of communicating is different and we are presented with new ways of reaching the fans. Relying on new tools allows us to provide differential value to the content that is generated. Virtual reality and augmented reality offer endless possibilities to create different and closer content, with new immersive formats.

Luka Modric.

Real Madrid is a pioneer in innovative initiatives that the club supports in the personalisation of content, such as sending a birthday message to members and holders of the Madrid card through an individualised video.

Our goal is to continue exploring different ways of delivering audiovisual content to create unique experiences that bring the fans closer from an innovative and much more personal perspective, making the supporters feel like a fundamental part of the world of sport.