We are pleased to announce SCORE 2020 Batch Winners

Discover the selected startups from more than 300 applicants.

19 May 2021

We are pleased to announce the selection of startups for the SCORE 2020 Batch, out of more than 300 applicants, 11 startups will take part in the SCORE Sportstech Acceleration Program by Real Madrid Next and Fundingbox.

We are amazed by the quantity and quality of applicants. The participation in the Community and initiatives like the Q&A or Community Pitch was superb and we want to thank you all for your time and effort.

The SCORE Batch 2021 opens by default, all of you who applied after 11 March 2021 will be part of the next batch, more details will be shared soon.

Of course, these values and data for selection have been interpreted by the Key Areas of SCORE, the mission of Real Madrid and Real Madrid Next is to excel in those Key Areas. SCORE aims to develop disruptive solutions and businesses in the sportstech arena.

Startup Selection
We want to thank all the 314 applications and of course the team behind each application, the bar is high and all the products and initiatives are unique and incredibly powerful, of all the applicants, we have chosen 20 startups and their team to be part of the SCORE Acceleration Program: 



Fan Engagement


TG0 (GB)

SCORE is an example of the commitment that Real Madrid Next and FundingBox have with sports tech entrepreneurs and small enterprises. Innovation is needed in all aspects of the sports industry and there is significant potential for improvement and innovation-driven disruptive initiatives.

Stay tuned!
The SCORE Batch 2021 opens by default and more details will be shared soon.

Startups are always welcome in SCORE and Real Madrid Next, we want to hear your ideas and the business opportunities you are tackling and build the sportstech disruption together.

What do you get from SCORE?
Real Madrid Next will help startups grow with personnel, resources, and exposition that accounts for about 4.5M€ and FundingBox will connect the selected startups with these resources and other funding opportunities that will arise while the program is on.

Also some other benefits:

  • Equity-free fundingAccess equity-free funding opportunities for your startup.
  • Startup Boost . Of course, you can engage with world-class mentors and webinarsthat will be launched soon.
  • Global Growth and Visibility. You will have the opportunity to showcase your startup to the Real Madrid partners.

How does it work?

Easy piece, just fill in the form and start your application officially. Take your time applying but do not miss a beat! We are scouting the best startups and only 30 will be selected.

1. Application.  We will get the applications of all the startups participating in the program. Start yours!. If you have not applied yet, go and fill in the form for application. If you need help, you can contact us in the Helpdesk Space.
2. Selection. Up to 10 startups per Key Area will be selected. If you are selected then you are officially part of SCORE as a selected startup to become a Champion.
3. Workout. We will help you develop your startup project, meet with investors 
and work side-by-side with experts from Real Madrid Next and FundingBox.
4. Pitch. Pitch your startup to key selected investors, Real Madrid Next’s Team and FundingBox DeepTech Fund as well as other potential co-investors participating in the program.

Make the most out of the community

Engage with other startups, industry and funding experts as well as content in the community, learn as much as you can and do not hesitate to post your questions, ideas and everything you want to. The community is yours, make the most out of it and get the funding you need.
And don’t forget to fill your profile!

Engage with other funding opportunities
You are now in FundingBox, the leading European distributor of cascade funding for the deep tech industry. Explore all our funding opportunities in the FundingBox Community.


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